Monthly Research Updates

Scientists and researchers are constantly uncovering more information related to autism, offering insights into the origins, possible causes and even at times potential cures. I come across dozens of articles on a weekly basis, some of which seem more important than others. I thought I would share on a monthly basis stories that caught my eye.

 ~ Maureen

researchFebrile Seizures & Epilepsy – An Expert Discusses

Febrile – or fever-induced – seizures are common in babies, and pediatricians rush to assure us that they don’t cause harm. In this article, a professional expert reviews commonly asked questions and addresses fears associated with these seizures.

Read the full article here.


Toxicologists Study How Pharmaceuticals Affect Genes

                For decades, researchers have studied how certain chemicals cause genetic mutations that can lead to diseases like cancer. Epigenetics involves more subtle interactions between environmental exposures and our genes. Certain chemicals appear to “dial up” or “dial down” gene activity without actually changing, or mutating, the gene itself.

Read the full article here.


‘Science junkie’ bets big on autism’s environmental origins

A self-described “autism science junkie,” Escher taught herself the intricacies of research as she struggled to understand how her two children came to have autism. Along the way, she came up with a provocative idea to explain how chemical exposures might have led to their autism diagnoses:  hormones Escher’s mother took during pregnancy damaged the DNA in Escher’s eggs.

Read the full article here.


Tune in next month for an update on autism research!

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