Two of our preschool graduates

Thursday night was a momentous evening at the Barber National Institute! We celebrated the 2016 graduation with over 70 preschool, elementary, and high school students. Each of our students comes to the stage and receives their diploma. A representative from the local school district presents their official diploma to the high school graduates. We close the program with our school song, which was written by one of our teachers (Julie) and her husband Chris, members of the band Tennessee Back Porch when Dr. Gertrude Barber passed away. It has been sung at every graduation since! There were only a few dry eyes in our crowd of 400 family members and friends of our graduates!



Celebrate What’s Different

By Chris & Julie Moore

There’s a light on the shore of Lake Erie

Through the fog of ignorance it shines

Where a future awaits every child

Yours and mine, yours and mine

Building on the dream of Gertrude Barber

That for everyone there is a place

Knowing the light is always there to guide us

On our way, on our way

And we’ll celebrate what’s different

Knowing we’re all the same

The dream of school and family has come true

You will learn from me, and I will learn from you

And we’ll spread the light to others every day

And the Barber National Institute’s the way

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