Monthly Research Updates

Scientists and researchers are constantly uncovering more information related to autism, offering insights into the origins, possible causes and even at times potential cures. I come across dozens of articles on a weekly basis, some of which seem more important than others. I thought I would share on a monthly basis stories that caught my eye.

~ Maureen


researchOn the Brink of Breakthroughs in Diagnosing & Treating Autism

Science is taking a more personalized approach to treating the disorder and to understanding its diverse causes. New findings, to be presented at this year’s International Meeting for Autism Research, highlight these various factors, including environmental, prenatal, genetics, and other factors all may influence an individual’s likelihood of an ASD diagnosis later on.

Read the full article here.

Through Play Children With Autism Can Hone Thinking Skills

                Many children with autism show unusual features in their play starting early in life. These include reduced creativity and imagination, such as recreating scenarios from a television show verbatim. The play of children with autism also tends to have a persistent sensorimotor or ritualistic quality. For example, a child might repetitively arrange toys to mimic some observed play activity. Likewise, in children with autism, the nature of pretend play appears to correspond with language ability and intelligence, even in minimally verbal children, and preschool play skills can predict the later language development in these children.

Read the full article here.

Autism To Be Core Part of Teacher Training, Government Says (UK)

Teachers will be taught how to support children with autism for the first time following months of campaigning from charities, parents and MPs, it has emerged. Campaigners have said that with more than one in 100 children on the autism spectrum and over 70% of them going to mainstream schools every teacher will have autistic students in their classes at some point. Yet, autism training is not mandatory for teachers and some have no special educational needs training at all, leaving them unable to deal with complex issues that could damage a child’s education.

Read the full article here.


Tune in next month for an update on autism research!

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