Not-So-Lazy Days of Summer at BNI!

Some people think of the lazy days of summer, but at the Barber National Institute, we’re actually busier than ever! Over the years, we have initiated a number of programs during the summer to ensure that educational opportunities don’t end on the second week of June for children with special needs.

esyHappy Hearts Childcare

Working moms and dads don’t have the summer off to play with their children. Happy Hearts offers childcare early morning through late afternoon for ages 3-5. Weekly fieldtrips, swimming, and lots of fun activities ensure kids have a great time!

Early Intervention

Ideally, children with developmental delays benefit from year-round education. At BNI, we offer a summer component with short breaks so that the children do have a “summer vacation” but not the traditional 3 months of summer. The children continue to receive education, speech therapy, physical therapy, or whatever service they need while in session.

Extended School Year (ESY)

For children 5-21 with disabilities, a summer program is offered during the month of July to assure that children do not lose skills that they have spent the whole school year building. Whatever services are requested on a child’s IEP are continued throughout ESY.


BNI offers three distinct camps:

Camp Connections is a full-day camp for children with a diagnosis of autism who struggle with social skills among peers.

Camp Shamrock focuses on development of recreational skills for children with disabilities.

Expanding Social Opportunities (ESO) Camp is similar to Connections, but is offered to young adults 18 and over with intellectual disabilities.





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