Early Childhood Opens Doors

early childhoodLast week, I had the opportunity to visit our Corry Pre-K Counts program, which is located at the Corry Primary School. We are fortunate that we have been funded for the last several years to offer a Pre-K Counts program in both the cities of Erie and Corry, PA. Pre-K Counts, established by Governor Rendell in 2007, offers quality pre-kindergarten opportunities to at-risk children and families across the commonwealth.

The decision to offer this program was a strategic one. We know that a good quality of life, high-quality jobs and a strong economy requires a strong early education foundation. Early education can open the doors of opportunity for every child to do well in school, in the workforce, and in life. Our own statistics support this theory.

I’m constantly reading research and articles that support this approach and only wish that funding was available to expand Pre-K Counts opportunities for all young children. Initiatives supporting quality early childhood education are surfacing across the country. I recently learned that Cleveland has developed a comprehensive plan to transform the district delivers education to its 40,000 preschool children.

As with any major policy shift, we must generate support from the all stake holders: the community at large, business leaders, policy-makers, and legislators to make this happen. Pennsylvania has begun this process – let’s continue to move ahead to ensure quality childhood education for all our children!



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1 Response to Early Childhood Opens Doors

  1. Norah says:

    I definitely agree with the importance of early childhood. Early childhood counts!

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