Spring Renewal

In Erie, May is usually when we start to believe spring is really here. After the last few weeks of temperatures in the 30s every morning, I can’t wait! As we were having dinner last night, I commented to Ryan that “FINALLY, we’re beginning to see buds of future leaves on the trees in our backyard!”

Spring is much more than warmer temperatures and blooming flowers. I think we all find ourselves reflecting on the idea of “new beginnings” this time of year. There is something about looking outside and seeing new life that makes each of us want to reorganize, recommit, and refocus on growth.

As I take the month of May to reflect on areas in my life I want devote focus and energy to, I can’t help but think of Maria Shriver’s recent blog, “The Power of Internal Strength.” In it, she shares her powerful message that right now her focus in life is to “build herself up from the inside out.”

My challenge to you this month is to join me as I focus on my internal strength, not just in my body, but in my mind and in my spirit as well. As Maria says, “If you are strong on the inside, you can be a better person, a better parent, a better professional. You can give back because you have given to you, and now you can start from a place of strength.”


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