Spotlight: Dr. Lou Gaston

Dr. Gaston has been visiting the Barber National Institute for over 3 years. He consults with various classrooms to assist in problem-solving adaptation issues. Sounds great, but what does that mean? Dr. Gaston works with each of our students with physical challenges to help them be as independent and mobile as possible. He does this in a variety of ways. For example, Dr. Gaston may position students in chairs to maintain posture or add a wedge beneath a student’s arm or head to improve eye-hand coordination, just to name a few of his many techniques. These adaptations may seem small, but they enable the student to complete worksheets, use the iPad, work on puzzles, etc.

What’s fun about his visit is that he stops by to introduce us to his new products. He is more than willing to allow us to try out his new items, and he gives us samples of any product we request. Additionally, Dr. Gaston will consult with teachers and therapists on how a piece of equipment that has already been integrated into a classroom is developing and if we need to consider a next step.

Learn more about Grip Solutions at his website here.


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