Autism Research Updates

researchAlthough it may not always seem to be the case, scientists and researchers are constantly uncovering more information related to autism, offering insights into the origins, possible causes and even at times potential cures. I come across dozens of articles on a weekly basis, some of which seem more important than others. After the positive response I received when I posted Top Research Stories of2014, I thought I would start to share some of the current research articles that I read on a monthly basis. Below are three stories that caught my eye this month.

Study Picks Up Autism Broadcast in Tiny Antennae on Cells

A new study suggests that some symptoms relating to autism may be connected to a mutation in a section of Chromosome 16, which is linked to autism. Cilia, which are essentially miniscule hairs on the surface of all cells, are altered as a result of this chromosome mutation. The study also raises the possibility that drugs that target the cilia may ease symptoms of autism.

Read the full article here.

Study Finds Autism, ADHD Run High in Children of Chemically-Intolerant Mothers

A new study from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio found that mothers with chemical intolerances are two to three times more likely than other women to have a child with ASD or ADHD. Chemical intolerances include sensitivity to engine exhaust, gasoline, smoke, fragrances, cleaners, nail polish remover, and air fresheners, to name a few.

Read the full article here.

Contrary to Previous Studies, Children Born By Ceasarean Section Are Not At Higher Risk for Autism

Two Swedish siblings have provided the best evidence to date that there is no causal link between birth by C-section and autism, contrary to older studies that suggest that C-sections raise a child’s risk by up to 20%.

Read the full article here.

Tune in next month for an update on autism research!

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