National Therapeutic Recreation Week!

Reading that this week is National Therapeutic Recreation Week, I realized that I wasn’t quite sure what “Therapeutic Recreation” was. So naturally, I decided to do a bit of research. I learned a number of fascinating things! therapeutic-rec-300x126

For example, did you know:

  • Recreation therapy can be a related service according to IDEA legislation
  • It is an umbrella term for four distinct services:
    • Assessment of Leisure Functioning
    • Leisure Education
    • Therapeutic Recreation Services
    • Recreation in Schools & Communities
  • Recreation therapists can work with students on friendship development, applying knowledge learned in school to the community setting, and developing/expanding leisure repertoire
  • Qualified recreation therapist providers are certified, registered, and/or licensed to provide therapeutic services

Recreation therapists engage in a variety of different “interventions,” as they called, during their therapy sessions. Some examples are:

  • Teaching bicycle riding, weight lifting, swimming
  • Offer social skills instruction during recreation activities
  • Develop a “friends book” with pictures and telephone numbers of friends
  • Reinforce self-care skills after physical activities

Keep in mind that related services are only included in an IEP if they are deemed necessary in order for the student to benefit from special education. These services must detail their uniqueness and necessity for the student’s success. Parents are the key drivers in securing this service in their child’s IEP. To learn more, visit:

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4 Responses to National Therapeutic Recreation Week!

  1. MissesC says:

    That awesome info to have handy for any parent/teacher who deals with autism on a daily basis!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is wonderful info!! I find my son loves any type of recreation!! He is the most extroverted kid. I recently made a social networking site for him and his friends: Of course now that I made it he is the one person NOT on it!! I find that him and his friends want that social contact so very much, but the actual skills takes time….lots of time…

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