BNI in Colorado!

Ann Ellison, MA BCBA, and Maria Brown, MS BCBA, presented “The Next Generation: Social Skills and Video Modeling in the Digital World” for the National Autism Society of America in Denver, CO, this week. Denver draft 2_002 They were honored to be selected from the hundreds of proposals that were submitted!

Key objectives of the presentation were:

  • List essential features of effective social stories and video modeling
  • Identify three digital tools which can be used to create a project
  • Create a basic story board for a project

Social stories and video modeling can be used to teach, as well as reinforce, any skill area. At ELBS, we use these methodologies to develop social/ communication skills, functional/academic skills, and employment skills, just to name a few.

As defined by Carol Gray (1991), Social Stories™:

  • Teach new behavior or strengthen existing behaviors
  • Define expected behaviors (social rules)
  • Explain the behavior of others (perspective)
  • Present information in a concrete, literal way
  • Support sequencing, organization, and planning
  • Provide structure to unknown situations

Denver draft 2_041As part of the presentation, Ann and Maria will discuss how to develop a social story, take effective videos, and develop tutorials. Their motto is: “Be inspired… Create, share, and teach!”

If you would like to view their entire presentation, click here: Denver.

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