Last night was a very special night in the Elizabeth Lee Black School. Nearly 60 students graduated from our Early Childhood program, Pre-K counts, Preschool, or approved private school. Many of these children I have known since they began their journey here, around the age of 3. It was wonderful to look at them and see their extraordinary accomplishments. Children who did not talk when they started school are now having conversations; children who did not walk are now running across the playground. Their confidence and self-esteem have blossomed with every day, as they learned these new skills. And of course, they have made so many friends and we have gained many supporters for the Barber National Institute.

2015 ELBS Seniors

2015 ELBS Seniors

We deeply believe that we have a responsibility to each of our students to provide them and their family with every opportunity to grow and develop to their fullest potential. That is what I will see tonight – 56 children and their families whose “dreams have come true.”

Endings are bittersweet for me and I am certainly sad to see these children leave our halls. However, I know that they will achieve new heights as they move on in their educational and vocational careers. To all graduates everywhere, congratulations to you and your families!!

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