National Teacher Day!

NTDThe first week of May is full of moments created to celebrate and appreciate the wonderful people in our lives – teachers, nurses, therapists, paraeducators, behavior specialists and many, many support personnel. This year, National Teacher Appreciation Day is Tuesday, May 5. However, at the Barber National Institute we are recognizing all our staff who work so diligently in our school during “Staff Appreciation Week.”

We agree with First Lady Michelle Obama, who aptly stated: “At a time when more and more jobs require a good education, teacher’s week couldn’t be more important.” A good teacher can change a student’s life, creating worlds of opportunity, shaping the future and inspiring dreams. I think back to a teacher who influenced me and remember Sister Eulalia from Villa Maria grade school. Sister Eulalia was an English scholar who instilled in us the knowledge and importance of good grammar. We spent hours diagramming prayers as a means of understanding subject/verb agreement, the error in dangling participles, and sentence fragments.

Ryan and his 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Newsham.

Ryan and his 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Newsham.

When we entered Sister’s classroom, our knees were shaking and our hands were trembling – we were so nervous that we would make a mistake! However, we survived and today I credit my writing skills to Sister Eulalia.

Of course, I also look back to the teachers who had such a positive impact on Ryan’s learning. The first that comes to mind is Mrs. T, a retired first grade teacher who tutored Ryan from first grade to fifth grade. Mrs. T’s guiding philosophy was that if a student isn’t learning, then we must change how we teach him – a sentiment that echoes throughout the Elizabeth Lee Black School.

Ryan working hard on a science project.

Ryan working hard on a science project.

I encourage you to think back over your education. Who were the shining lights? Who inspired your dreams? It’s never too late to reach out to those people who made an impact in your life to tell them “Thank You!”

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