Ryan’s 21st Birthday!

Is it possible? Ryan is turning 21 today! This is one of those special days where I love to take a moment to reflect on my journey with Ryan. I enjoy looking at his pictures that remind me of some of our “momentous” occasions, and I thought I’d share a few with you as well.

Looking back, his first few weeks and months seemed like a blur. I do recall that on his 3-month birthday, he slept through the night for the very first time. What a great birthday gift! Around the same time, I enrolled Ryan in our Happy Hearts Infant child care program. Knowing that he was just down the block from my office was a great comfort, as I’m sure any first-time parent understands.

Not long after that he was celebrating his first birthday with his “classmates” at HappyDOC120114-12012014143523_001 Hearts.

He was around 14 months when I recognized that his expressive language wasn’t developing as rapidly as his receptive language. Based upon my professional experience, I knew that it was time for a speech evaluation, which led us to joining a toddler language group.

Ryan did not make the gains that we hoped for, so I spoke with my brother Joe Barber, MD, a pediatric neurologist, about my continued concerns. It was Joe who then gave Ryan a diagnosis of autism. Our journey had begun……

Ryan's Graduation Picture 2013As I look back on the past 21 years of this journey, with its peaks and valleys, I’m very proud of who Ryan is, how he has grown and matured, and his numerous successes along the way. Today, his days are busy, divided between work at Bello’s Market and BNI. Before and after work, you’ll find him on the track or swimming at LECOM, or doing any of his favorite sports, including golf, tennis, skiing, and bowling.

Ryan has achieved so much because I set my expectations for him high and always believed that he would reach them. Of course, there have been bumps on the road and I know that they will always continue. But I continue to believe that anything is possible. After all, as Audrey Hepburn said: “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says ‘I’m possible!’”

In closing, I am truly grateful for my family, my friends and the outstanding people who have loved him, nurtured him, taught him, and supported him on a daily basis. Thanks to each and every one of you – we couldn’t have done it without you!


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3 Responses to Ryan’s 21st Birthday!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy birthday, Ryan! I always smile when I see you and think of your time at Walnut Creek!

  2. I am so thankful to know him (and you!). Happy birthday, Ry!

  3. Dawn Marcotte says:

    Happy Belated Birthday. Thank you so much for sharing this post. I have a 15 year old daughter on the spectrum and while we have high expectations for her (college, job, living independently etc) we are getting a bit nervous about what to do after she graduates from high school. It was very comforting to me to read about your son’s successes. God Bless.

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