Helping Children Communicate with Technology

Dynavox & teenOne of the guiding principles throughout our history has been the desire to share our knowledge with others for the improvement of quality of life for children and adults with disabilities. That’s why we are very excited to work with Tobii DynaVox. Tobii is well known for their alternative access method devices like the eye-gaze access to computerized communication devices. DynaVox offers a portfolio of communication and education solutions for individuals with significant speech, language and learning difficulties. They have also played a significant role in moving the augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) industry forward since the early 1990s.

Our specific project involves the Compass Communication App and the T-10 and T-15 devices. The T-10 is the smallest device at approximately two pounds and the industry’s first dedicated speech generating tablet. The T-15 at four pounds has a larger screen for children who need bigger letters, pictures and symbols. Both can be mounted and the T-15 has multiple access methods: direct selections, scanning and mouse capabilities. Based on our input, the Compass App has been updated to include new software changes, new page set-ups, uploads by populatiDynavox T10on and compatibility with the Android tablet.

This is a win-win partnership because it enables us to secure the Compass App for each therapist as well as receive ongoing training throughout the school year and continuing education credits. In turn our therapists have shared their expertise and unique knowledge of students with significant challenges.

Who knows what the future will bring with the technological advances we are seeing occur????

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