4 Days Until Beast on the Bay – Are You Ready To Beat the Beast?

Barber-Beast-on-the-Bay-Trial-Run_127-smallThere’s still time to register for both the Beast on the Bay and Adaptive Beast on the Bay!

Why is this obstacle course different from other obstacle courses? Anyone can have an obstacle course, but what is important is that we have a course specially designed for people with disabilities. Plus, the Barber Beast on the Bay is a fundraisingBOTB-Adapted-Course_small-1jpg event to help support the Barber National Institute and its work with children and adults with disabilities.

Why have an adaptive course? We believe that all Adaptive Course Map 2014persons should be included, and therefore designed a specialized adapted course for persons with limited mobility, agility and athletic ability. At the Barber National Institute, we strive to “make dreams come true” at all of our events as we welcome children and adults with disabilities, as well as their typical peers.

New this year is that a portion of the adaptive course will run alongside the Beast on the Bay so athletes from both courses can cheer each other on. Over 1,040 athletes have registered for the Beast a9069_403546973091173_419905081_nnd 80 have registered for the Maureen Riazzi adaptive course.

The Beast on the Bay is 10 miles of trails, mud, water and hard-pack surfaces featuring 26 “meaner, badder” obstacles integrated into the course.

The Maureen Riazzi adaptive course is a 1.2 mile loop that begins and 0025_BOTB-Regular-Course-Meghan_smallends in the area of Beach 1 at Presque Isle State Park. This course will accommodate ambulatory participants as well as those in a wheelchair or power chair. Six obstacles will be spaced throughout the course and incorporate a variety of challenges that were developed by a team of physical therapists and educators from the Barber National Institute, fitness trainers and representatives from the disabilities community.

Not only does the Barber Beast on the Bay event raise awareness for a great cause, but it also brings the community together for a fun experience that showcases Erie’s finest assets. I encourage you to register for the event or join the spectators cheering the athletes along the courses, and to join in the post-event party at Waldameer Picnic Groves. So, if you aren’t doing anything this Saturday morning, come out to Presque Isle to watch the race and join us in the festivities.

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