Are Diversity and Inclusivity Being Embraced In the Corporate World?

Nordstrom 1

Inclusive communities, inclusive schools, inclusive work force.

Yes, all buzz words in the field of disabilities.  I think that many businesses and organizations “talk the talk” but how many truly “walk the walk”?

After asking that question I was excited to see that Nordstrom’s was a company that did “walk the walk”! In their 2014 Anniversary catalog Nordstrom’s models were not only handsome and beautiful men, women and children but diverse:  a child with Down Syndrome, a combat veteran who lost his leg while fighting in Afghanistan, a young woman wheelchair bound with MS and a model who was born without an arm. Nordstrom 4

I went to their web page and learned that they value the richness that diversity brings not only in its work force, but also in their vendors. In fact, they have been reflecting diversity in their models since 1997.  Nordstrom also supports the communities that support them by contributing to Nordstrom 3regional and national diversity and inclusion nonprofit organizations.

Yes, I go to the Anniversary sale every year and after reading about Nordstrom’s diversity programs, I am going back and doing “just a little bit” more shopping.

Perhaps we will begin to see more companies take on this charge as part of their mission.  It is about time! 

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2 Responses to Are Diversity and Inclusivity Being Embraced In the Corporate World?

  1. Autism Mom says:

    We get so much messaging on which businesses to boycott, I love seeing this message suggesting which to patronize. Thank you!

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