Are You Ready To Beat The Beast?

Ryan beating the Beast on the Maureen Riazzi Adapted Course last year.

Ryan beating the Beast on the Maureen Riazzi Adapted Course last year.

Are you ready to beat the Beast on September 6th? On yesterday’s blog I shared true stories of athletes reaching out to children on the autism spectrum to encourage them to become active in football, hockey, surfing and soccer. These athletes recognize the power of their position and reached out to their own communities to establish relationships with children who look up to them. We are proud that so many individuals from our community and beyond have come together to support children and adults with disabilities by becoming involved with the Barber National Institute’s Beast on the Bay. We too have volunteer athletes who have offered their expertise in providing training for persons participating on the Maureen Riazzi adaptive course. In addition, we have hundreds of volunteers who are helping make this year’s Beast on the Bay a huge success.

The Beast on the Bay is a 10-mile extreme obstacle course on the shores of Presque Isle State Park. Participants will scale walls, trudge through mud and race through wooded trails. With the success of last year’s inaugural race we already have 880 participants from sixteen states including Florida, California, South Carolina and Tennessee. Our oldest competitor is 72 and the youngest is 16. I’m also excited that 48% of the racers are women.

Maureen & Ryan with Beast

Myself, the Beast and Ryan at last year’s Beast on the Bay

A unique component of Beast on the Bay is a 1.2 mile obstacle course offered for persons with disabilities 16 years and above. Beginning at Beach 1 the course will accommodate ambulatory participants as well as those in a wheelchair or power chair. Six obstacles will be spaced throughout the course and incorporate a variety of challenges. All participants are welcome to have a “course buddy” accompany them free of charge. Watch our video from last year’s Barber Beast on the Bay Adapted Course.

I’m so proud the Barber National Institute began the Beast on the Bay to bring awareness and focus on the capabilities and courage of persons with disabilities.

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