May is Better Speech and Hearing Month – Celebrate The SLP in Your Life Today!

Since May is Better Speech and Hearing Speech Therapistsmonth I thought it would be fun to pose some questions to our Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) and share their responses with you.

Our talented SLP team includes Alicia Anthony, Amy Moczulski, Danielle Herbe, Danielle Kirsch, Emily Landkrohn and Pam Goetz.

What is the most rewarding about being a SLP?

  • Seeing a child make gains because of the services you are providing
  • Seeing the excitement on a student’s face when they are successful in communicating something that they weren’t able to before
    Anthony, Alicia
    Alicia Anthony
  • The moment when I see the light in the child’s eyes because they just realized they can communicate
  • Interacting with the families of my students and hearing parents talk about the gains and successes that their child has achieved.

What are some of the challenges?

  • Juggling time with therapy sessions, paperwork, meetings, makeup sessions and billing.
  • Discovering what the best access method is for each individual to allow him or her to
    Herbe, Danielle
    Danielle Herbe

    be the most successful in accessing and using various augmentative and alternative communication devices.

  • Staying current with everything new and promising in the field without losing sight of solid, tried and true therapy techniques and materials.
  • There is never enough time in the work day to devote to my students and their many needs.

What would you say to encourage others to work in this field?

  • Communication is one of the most powerful tools that we have to use in life to convey
    Kirsch, Danielle
    Danielle Kirsch

    our thoughts, opinions and beliefs and to relate to the world and people around us.  Having a career that helps people of all ages improve their communication makes a positive difference in the world and the lives of others.

  • One of the best aspects of being a SLP is how rewarding it can be in making a positive difference in the lives of both children and adults.  There are many different settings and needs so it’s exciting to have many options.
  • This is a profession in which you can truly feel that you have made a difference in many children’s lives.

    Landkrohn, Emily

    Emily Landkrohn

  • There are many reasons.  SLPs have many options in choosing a population and a setting.  Regardless of which career path you choose the end result is the same.  You are providing therapy to individuals to improve their communication skills and to reach their fullest potential.
Moczulski, Amy

Amy Moczulski

We are so fortunate to have these SLPs working with our BNI family. It takes a special person who thrives on the challenges to work with a diverse population and who enjoys working closely with families. Thank you for your dedication and hard work.

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2 Responses to May is Better Speech and Hearing Month – Celebrate The SLP in Your Life Today!

  1. mary Beth Wachter says:

    What an outstanding team you have and how lucky your children and families are to benefit from their expertise. We always used to say that “without language there is no learning”.

    • Mary Beth,

      We still say that! You can look back and recollect how you made the difference in hundreds of childrens’ lives. Thanks for all you’ve did and continue to do to support the BNI.

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