See Amazing In All Children – Sesame Street Style


Photo Credit: Sesame Workshop

On World Autism Day Sesame Workshop announced its latest initiative “See Amazing in All Children.” Partnering with Autism Speaks, this new venture will aim to increase understanding, reduce stigma and demonstrate the commonalities that children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) share with other children. In


Sesame Street – Abby Cadabby

addition, the workshop will also develop tools and resources for families of children with ASD to help reduce the stress of everyday routines such as getting dressed, brushing teeth and interacting with peers.  Digital media tools featuring Sesame Street characters will assist parents in breaking down these routines into simple steps.  One of our Sesame Street favorites, Abby Cadabby, kicked off the initiative along with Autism Speaks

Sesame Street

Sesame Street – Elmo

cofounders Suzanne and Bob Wright by lighting the Empire State Building blue.

All of us parents of children with ASD and other disabilities have experienced challenges when our children are not accepted by their peers. Often it is a lack of understanding about the disability that causes fear and uncertainty, which can lead to isolation and exclusion.  I’m hopeful that Sesame Street’s “See Amazing in All Children” initiative will lead to greater understanding and thereby acceptance and inclusion with their peers and the community at large.  As I said in my op-ed, it is important to support an inclusive community by welcoming people with ASD to your events, health clubs, churches and schools. This can only be a win / win opportunity for the person with autism and for all of us.


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