Words Do Hurt! Join Us To End The R-Word!

I was planning on writing my blog today on ending the r-word.  In my research I came across a short video written by a mom that explains what the word means to her.  This video is more powerful than any word that I can write.

I would encourage you to view it and if you have not yet done so, to pledge your support at www.r-word.org.  Join the 471,646 persons who have already made the pledge and then spread the word on your favorite sites.  Together we can create more accepting attitudes and communities for all people.

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4 Responses to Words Do Hurt! Join Us To End The R-Word!

  1. arkansasrose says:

    Mr. Miller expressed my exact feelings. I’m not in support of deleting words from our language or villifying those who use them just because some use it hurtfully.

    The word “cripple”, in any form, used to make me seeth. Now I couldn’t care less when someone uses it. It’s not the word that hurts, it’s the person who says it with hateful intent that hurts.

    Let’s not focus on the words, instead let’s focus on teaching children that words only have the power we give them.

  2. Ann Kilter says:

    Michigan will be taking this word out of all the laws…effectively changing at the seat of power.

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