Love Your Pet Day – A Day of Celebration

Did you have a pet growing up?  My famikerryblue011ly had Doodles, a spirited Kerry Blue Terrier who we all adored.  Doodles was very gentle, loyal and affectionate.  He would even allow little children to ride him like a horse.  I remember my special bond with him and that he was an excellent secret keeper.  Each of us had Doodle responsibilities, whether it be taking him out for a walk, feeding him or picking up after him.

child and catThere are many benefits to having a pet if you have a child with special needs.  A pet can provide comfort to a child who is anxious by generating a calming effect that reduces stress.  Your child can acquire a sense of self satisfaction by learning how to care for his pet and having his pet depend on him/her.  There are numerous social advantages as well.  Taking your dog for a walk in your neighborhood or on the beach is the perfect way to practice greeting skills.  Everyone loves a beautiful dog.

Certainly there are considerations.  A pet requires work, many responsibilities and expenses.  You need to consider your lifestyle as well as the demands of your child.  Ryan has not had a pet because I recognized my limitations due to my work 2.14.14 Valentine's Day Cardschedule, his schedule and other challenges.

If your family is ready for a pet there are many resources that can guide you in the right direction.

Jessie & Eliz

Jessie bonding with Eliz, a student at ELBS.

“Animals offer all children the chance to connect to another living being,” says Adrian Sandler, M.D., head of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Committee on Children with Disabilities.

Here are some touching videos of pets loving their humans and vice versa.
A Heartwarming Story about a Boy and His Dog
Jessie – A Service Dog at our School
A Soldier and His Dog

Please share some of your favorite stories of you and your pet and celebrate Love Your Pet day with us.

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