Digital Learning Day – It’s Here To Stay!


Jude Shingle, Artist in Residence, working with an ELBS student.

Do you know what today is?  It’s the third annual Digital Learning Day!  So get out your iPads, mobile devices and laptops and get ready to celebrate.

Digital Learning Day (DL Day) is a nationwide celebration of innovative teachers and effective applications of digital learning in America’s schools.

Teacher & Student

Student using the TAP-IT Interactive White Board

It provides us with the opportunity to showcase how digital learning can improve student outcomes and support educators.

Sponsored by the Alliance for Excellent Education, DLDay is a day for us to focus on the importance of digital learning and the need to systematically address technology planning in our schools.

What are we are doing to celebrate the day?

Here are some fun ideas to celebrate DLDay in your own school or home.

  • Watch the Digital Town Hall Live Simulcast

    Teacher, Student & iPad

    Incorporating iPad technology in the classroom.

  • Check out the live chats that are occurring throughout the day
  • Follow the action on Twitter #DLDay and Facebook
  • Use social media to share your experiences

Now that you know about #DLDay what will you do to promote the day?  Please share your ideas with me and I will forward them on to others.

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