UPDATE: All About Autism Introduces Revised Resources

ResourceFall brings a change in season. It’s often a time to clean, organize the garage and reorganize our wardrobe as we prepare for the winter season.  In the same spirit, I decided to revisit and update important resources for those of us who are committed to children and adults with special needs.

Below you’ll see a glimpse of some wonderful resources that I have found helpful on my journey with autism. I encourage you check out the Resources page on my blog homepage for the full list and links. You’ll find useful online communities/blogs, awesome apps, great books and more.

  1. Autism Speaks
  2. eSchool News: Technology News for Today’s K-20 Educator
  3. Noah’s Dad: A Blog About Down Syndrome
  4. Peeping Musicians app
  5. Not My Boy by Rodney Peete

I’m always looking for wonderful, quality resources and encouraging quotes. I’d love to hear what some of yours are, so please send me your favorites!

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