Artistic Adventures in Digital Media for Autism and Special Needs


Jude Shingle: arts educator, filmmaker, and illustrator.

Jude Shingle returns as our Artist in Residence for the ArtsErie Long Term Artist in Residency. This time the mission is bigger. He is up for the challenge and we are excited!

An Artist in Residency program positions artists outside of their everyday life allowing them to create work inspired by their temporary surroundings. I believe it also benefits the host institution, community at large, and individuals who come alongside the artist. We at the ELBS have seen the extraordinary outcomes of hosting an artist and are thrilled to welcome back Jude!

We have 2 goals: 1) collaborate with the teachers and students in each classroom to create a multimedia publication (digital book, movie, animation) that reinforces or expands on concepts in the classroom. And 2) train teachers and administrators to use the new technologies in their classrooms to create these publications.

dsc01563This is a whole school and community collaboration. The IT and Behavior departments, teachers, staff and ArtsErie working in tandem to bring the best of digital media to the ELBS.

It’s a win/win not just for the BNI community and the artist but for parents, teachers, and community organizations.

Greater still, there is more to come! We are creating a webinar and conference presentation to share what we’ve learned and our plans for the future. My hope is that participants will: See one. Do one. Teach one.

I am so grateful to the Erie community specifically, First Niagara, ArtsErie and the artists who have made this possible. Let the artistic adventures in digital media begin!

Artist Residencies are made possible through the Arts in Education Partnership of the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.

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2 Responses to Artistic Adventures in Digital Media for Autism and Special Needs

  1. MissesC says:

    Love the idea. I believe that it will bear fruit beyond its immediate scope.

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