Who said technology is easy?

ImageI struggled this weekend attempting to help Ryan access his iTunes account. Two hours later, I was still unsuccessful and I gave up. Fortunately, we have an iOS “expert” with whom I discussed my problems this morning.  Sixty minutes, three email accounts and two passwords later, we still haven’t solved the puzzle. As Zak, our hardware specialist,  said “Today, technology is not my friend,” and I couldn’t agree more!

We have come so far. I mentioned in an earlier blog about the purchasing of our first Apple iiE desktop computer and pouring over the instructional manual for weeks trying to figure it out. I thought those days were over. Yet, here I am trying to reset passwords for an email account to access iTunes movies.

Despite my troubles, I am so passionate about technology! It allows children who are nonverbal to communicate, other students to create art and allows everyone to enjoy media.  Technology is synonymous with access. However, today is one of those days where my access is limited. I yearn for the good ‘ole days when I could pop a tape into the VCR, press play and the show began. No passwords, no account names — just movies. I’m hoping for better luck in the future!


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2 Responses to Who said technology is easy?

  1. skhoworth says:

    Digital natives of this generation are so adept! I am curious to do research on,and explore what the future has in store for how to use these tools for students with disabilities!

    Know of any special education and technology research going on?

    • That’s a great idea for a future blog. There is so much literature available on these topics. We are collaborating with the University of Notre Dame looking at the use of robotics in teaching children on the autism spectrum.

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