Fighting Irish Friendship

ImageNotre Dame suffered a defeat to Alabama last night in the Bowl Championship Series. As a fan, I was disappointed, but the players, coaches and student body should be proud of their fabulous season.

Although the media is focused on this loss, I prefer to dwell on the spirit of this team. That spirit was displayed in an ESPN story about Sam Grewe. Sam is a seventh grade football player with bone cancer who lost part of his leg this year. The Fighting Irish adopted Sam, and the Fighting Irish Brotherhood grew by one amazing member. The team battled on the field as Sam battled in the hospital and at home.  The players cheered him on through surgery and chemotherapy as he cheered for them through their undefeated season.

The players see Sam as an inspiration – a young man fighting for his life with the same focus, commitment and dedication that the players demonstrate on the field. When Sam faced his surgery, the team donned “Grewe Crew” t-shirts and visited him at the hospital.  Throughout the season, Sam wore their jerseys, joined them in the locker room and last night, he led the players in the fight song.  This friendship gives Sam reason to fight all the while inspiring an entire team.

There might be a check mark in the loss column from last night’s game, but it’s a win for Sam and the entire Notre Dame team. A victory for the record books that’s sure to last a lifetime.

Go Irish!

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