Make Autism Services a Priority Now

The rate of autism has increased 78% in the past decade, yet the future of autism services has not been part of our national dialogue.  More children and families need our help in coping with this disorder in schools and communities at a time when we hear only of cutbacks in services.  Please read my op-ed piece, Treating autism needs to be an American priority,”  featured in yesterday’s Erie Times News.

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2 Responses to Make Autism Services a Priority Now

  1. Cyn says:

    Its amazing to me that the media focuses on the rise in “the numbers” in regards to children being diagnosed now but don’t want to follow through with the thought that these children will grow up. What will happen then? Will they be independent and contributing members of society? Will they be happy and fulfilled? Great article.

    • You are so right! We need to continue to attempt to get the media and our politicians focused on the total lack of services for adults with autism. In Pennsylvania, budget projections for 2012-13 reflect a 15-20% cutback. Advocacy is essential.

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