How many ways can you say, “Thank You?”

January is National Thank You Month, the perfect opportunity to pause and express your gratitude.

Research tells us those who practice gratitude report significantly higher levels of happiness and psychological wellbeing.

I confess, I am “old fashioned.” Although a text or email message is fine, nothing conveys heartfelt thanks, or most importantly, leaves a lasting impression better than a handwritten note.

A note can be three or four lines and express why you are grateful. I always try to write the note within 48 hours…if more time passes, I may easily forget to send.

Another consideration is a Gratitude Journal.  Whether you do this at the end of the day or at beginning, it is a great way to start or conclude the day on a positive note.

Ryan and I do this after breakfast every morning and I have found that it does help us begin our day with an optimistic mindset. He truly enjoys reading his past writings! We are on our second journal as we have been writing since Spring when we were struggling in the midst of “early” COVID. He has found this so helpful that he has continued. His “buzz” words are now, Think Positive!

“Thank You” are two little words that can have an enormous impact on our personal and professional lives.

I would like to say Thank You to our many, many friends and supporters who have remained stalwart with us as we work together to combat COVID-19.


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