Finding Inspiration

As many of you know, I am a big believer in the power of positivity and inspiration. Not only do I enjoy Maria Shriver’s weekly newsletter, I always welcome suggestions of motivational books. So, of course, when I learned that one of our teachers writes a daily inspirational quote on a white board in a school office, I look forward to reading the quote each morning. Today’s quote particularly stood out to me.

They say I have special needs and while that is partly true,

The needs that matter most to me are the same ones that you have, too.

I need to be accepted. I need friends that make me smile.

I need a chance to learn and grow feeling valued all the time.

Sure, I need some extra help and some things I cannot do,

But I hope you’ll see beyond all that. Inside I am just like you.

My first thought was, “That is exactly what sets our school apart from all others.”  We see the child first: The enthusiasm, the desire to learn, the laughter, the unique talents.

While our students may have a special need, to us, that only means that it is our responsibility to learn the very best ways to teach. We believe that all children have the right to grow, learn and reach their fullest potential.  Only by working together, can we can achieve the drams of children and their parents.


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