An Open Thank You Letter to Teachers

SONY DSCThe bell has rung, school’s out, summer fun begins (if the sun shines again in Erie). It’s the time of year when school comes to a close and a sense of change approaches. As I walk the halls of the Elizabeth Lee Black School, I hear many “thank you’s” between parents and teachers, faculty and staff and volunteers. I remember when Ryan’s school year came to a close each summer and sending thank you gifts to his teachers for a job well done. Teaching is challenging. There is no other profession that so directly shapes the world of tomorrow. And there aren’t enough “thank you’s” that can be expressed.

It feels best thanking teachers today. I feel especially grateful to the faculty and staff of the ELBS. The school community at the ELBS and the Barber National Institute is so fortunate to have teachers, therapists, paraeducators, volunteers, nurses, support staff and behavior specialists working daily to provide the highest quality services.

They model patience, honesty, courage, perseverance, humor, responsibility, generosity and a commitment to lifelong learning each and every day. This year was no exception.
I commend their stellar performance. Their concern for making ELBS the very best school was obvious to all who worked and visited this year.

My hope is that many teachers throughout the nation are thanked for their dedication.
I am so grateful for each person in the ELBS and teachers throughout the nation who made dreams come true for children this year! Thank you.

Blackboard with chalk

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  1. Neil says:

    My wife wrote the thank you letter to our son’s teachers. She did a great job:

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