Coming Soon! Katie Couric Talking Autism on Twitter

katie couricTechnology has drastically changed the conversation of autism, hasn’t it?  Social media outlets such as blogs, Facebook and Twitter provide and instant connection and communication within the vast ASD community.  I must admit, I’m still learning how to keep up with social media explosion.  Even as I write the blog today, I’m watching my twitter feed and am amazed at how quickly the tweets appear.  What a powerful, rapid source of communication!

I also feel encouraged by the avenue that social media provides the ASD community. Twitter is an amazing pathway for all individuals (physicians, parents, community leaders, advocacy groups, legislators and celebrities) to instantly chat and keep abreast of ASD topics. This is why I’m thrilled to share a Twitter chat I can’t wait to join…

Coming soon, as promoted by Autism Speaks, Katie Couric is hosting a Twitter chat on autism! Mark your calendar for Wednesday, May 29 at 1 p.m. EST, and join me in the conversation!

I wish you fabulous, safe, and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. And a reminder, that even as we celebrate, we take a moment to honor those who have gone before sacrificing in service to us and our country.

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